Meet the Ringmasters

Paige and Jason Henry

“The Circus House’s Owners Have Lovingly Restored This Victorian Village Gem”

In 2020, Paige and Jason Henry bought the Circus House. The Circus House, built from 1894-1895 by Frank Packard, has rich history but that is not the only captivating aspect of the house. The tall ceilings and foreign architecture complimented each other and brought an eccentric feel to Columbus.

The Henrys were house hunting and came across the Circus House. It had been up for auction, yet failed to receive a winning bid at the declared price. A second auction was held, and the Henrys were successful with their bid. Inspecting the house before renovations, it was clear that the house needed a lot of attention. Years before with a previous owner, the house was vandalized and stripped of most electricity, plumbing, heating and cooling. The 14-month project was supported by the Victorian Village Community, friends, and family of the Henry’s.

As Paige and Jason Henry settled into the house, they had accumulated pages and documents with years of history about the Circus House. Not only are people fascinated with the history, they are also enthralled in the renovation the Henrys completed.

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